FUEL CMS User Guide : Version 1.5.2

The FUEL Object Structure

FUEL CMS version 1.0 provides a powerful object oriented structure which allows you to easily access FUEL functionality within your own code. There is a fuel object set on the main CI super object (controller object accessed using the get_instance() function). This object allows access to your FUEL configuration as well as attaches other useful FUEL objects as shown below:

Basic Examples

// EXAMPLES if used in your controller
$page = $this->fuel->pages->create();
$nav = $this->fuel->navigation->render();

All the above classes inherit from the Fuel_base_library class.

Advanced Module Objects

Additionally, you have access to advanced module objects if a class exists in the advanced module's libraries folder with a naming convention of Fuel_{module}.php. The following examples assume you have the advanced modules installed:

Advanced Module Examples

$posts = $this->fuel->blog->get_posts();

The main fuel object is an Advanced Module object. Review the Advanced Module Reference in this user guide for a list of methods available for your installed advanced modules.

The above advanced module classes inherit from the Fuel_advanced_module class (which itself inherits from the Fuel_base_library class).