FUEL CMS User Guide : Version 1.5.2


FUEL CMS provides a command line utility for using CodeIgniter's migrations.

// updates to the latest migration file regardless of what is specified in the migrations table
php index.php fuel/migrate/latest

// migrates to the most current version specified in the migrations table
php index.php fuel/migrate/current

// migrates to a specific version. Must be in a dev mode environment
php index.php fuel/migrate/version/2

Fuel comes with a single "001_install" migration as an example which will load in the fuel_schema.sql file if it hasn't already been loaded. If you have already loaded the fuel_schema.sql file, replace this migration with the first migration of your site or you will get SQL errors stating that the tables have already been created.

You can also simply browse to the URI path (e.g. fuel/migrate/latest).

Web Hooks

The FUEL configuration's webhook_remote_ip parameter gives you the ability to set one or more IP addresses that can be used to remotely call the fuel/migrate controller. For example, say you use Beanstalk to manage your GIT repositories and you would like to run your migrations automatically upon commit. You can set this configuration value to the IP address ranges provided here. Then, in Beanstalk you can set up your web deployment post hook. In this case you would set it in Beanstalk to be the full URL path: