FUEL CMS User Guide : Version 1.5.2

FUEL CMS Interface

This page takes you through the basics of the FUEL interface.

The screenshots may not exactly represent what you see based on your configuration, version etc. The intention is to get you generally oriented with the interface.


Below is a standard FUEL Dashboard that will appear right after you login. Different modules can hook into the dashboard view so it may look slightly different for you based on the modules you have installed.

Last Backup
Standard FUEL Modules
Blog Module
Site Specific Modules
Installed Tool Modules
FUEL Management Modules
Module Dashboards
Site Specific Documentation

Module List View

Below is the standard list view of the data for a module.

View Options
Create a New Item
Sortable Columns
Easy Publishing By
Clicking Publish Status
Delete Multiple Items
Search Items

Module Edit View

Below is an edit view for a page item.

Actions Bar
Select Other Module Items
Restore From Previous
Editing Form

Edit User Permissions

Below is the edit user view.

User Information