FUEL CMS User Guide : Version 1.5.2

Fuel Archives Model Class

Fuel_archives_model is used for archiving saved data that can be rolled back in the admin.

This class extends the MY_Model class.

Function Reference [+]

$this->fuel->archives_model->options_list(['$ref_id'=NULL], ['$table_name'=NULL], [$include_current=array()], ['$order_by'=TRUE])

Returns an option list of saved archives based on a record ID and table name.


array Key/value array with the key being the archive ID value


(string) $ref_id The record ID
(string) $table_name The table name
(boolean) $include_current Determines whether to include the currently active record in the archive list (optional)
(boolean) $order_by Order by for options list (optional)

Fuel Archive Model Class

This class extends the Data_record class.