FUEL CMS User Guide : Version 1.5.2

Blog Documentation

This Blog documentation is for version 1.1.


The FUEL Blog is a module that allows you to have blog functionality without the need of installing a 3rd party application like Wordpress. It allows you to create posts, categorize and search them as well as allow others to comment on them. There are various setting options to taylor the blog to your liking. Read below for more information.

Basic Configuration

The following are the steps to configuring the FUEL Blog module:

  1. Change the Blog settings to have a proper Blog title and configure your comment security options
  2. Create a new theme for your blog (see Creating Themes)
  3. The blog can be found at /blog of your website (you can use routes to change that though)
  4. Create your authors (they must first have general access to the FUEL admin)


Libraries and Helpers