FUEL CMS User Guide : Version 1.5.2

User Guide Documentation

Yes... the User Guide, has it's own User Guide documentation. This is because not only is it the main source of FUEL CMS documentation, but it also provides functionality for you to easily create and incorporate your own documentation.

Creating Site Documentation

Documentation specific for your site, should be placed in the fuel/application/views/_docs/index.php folder. This will be accessible from the CMS dashboard page.

Creating Advanced Module Documentation

You can create documentation for your own modules by creating an index.php file containing your documentatin and placing it in the fuel/{module}/views/_docs/. The User Guide module provides several functions that can automatically generate documentation for your own modules including, creating a table of contents, libraries, classes, and configuration files.

To prevent auto generation of a class or helper, add * @autodoc FALSE in the class or helpers doc block like so:

 * My class
 * @autodoc		FALSE

For a class library's documentation to be automatically generated, the class cannot be abstract and must not require parameters to be passed to the constructor method.

Where is the file? If you are looking for a user guide file and can't find it, chances are it is being automatically generated so you may want to check the source file and it's comments.

User Guide Configuration

The following configuration parameters can be found in the modules/user_guide/config/user_guide.php configuration file. It is recommended that you copy the config file and place it in your fuel/application/config directory which will override the defaults and make it easier for future updates.

Property Default Value Description
user guide requires user authentication to view
determines whether to cache the user guide files or not
determines whether to cache the user guide files or not
the URI path to the user guide
allows the user guide to try and automatically generate the documentation based on folder paths. the value set is an array of modules to allow it to automatically generate. setting it to TRUE will allow all modules
array(BASEPATH.'core/Model.php', FUEL_PATH.'core/MY_Model.php')
classes that may need to be loaded before generating documentation for certain classes (e.g. model classes)