FUEL CMS User Guide : Version 1.5.2


Blog comments are created from people commenting on your posts. After a person has commented, the author is sent an email notification. He can then login to FUEL and publish the comment (assuming the monitor_comments setting is set) and reply to the comment. Comments are powered by a blog_comments_model and have a grandparent class of MY_Model.

Comment Fields

Below are the fields to fill out to submit a comment from the blog (note that author in this case refers to the comment and not the post):

Comment Security

The Blog Settings module has several security options for comments:

The Comment Model Properties

The comment object model has the following properties:

The Comment Model Methods

The comment object model has the following specific methods:


Returns the content of the comment.


Returns the post associate with the comment.


Returns boolean value whether the comment is considered a duplicate of an existing.


Returns a boolean as to whether the comment is by the post's author or not.


Returns a boolean as to whether the comment is a child of another comment.


Returns the comments author and link if a website was specified in the comment.


Returns a formatted version of the date of the comment. Takes a date format. Default is 'M d, Y'.


Returns a boolean value if the comment should be considered as SPAM.


Performs a spam check on the comment using stopforumspam or AKISMET (if a key is provided in the settings).


Returns a boolean value depending on if the comment can be saved based on the SPAM settings.