FUEL CMS User Guide : Version 1.5.2

Creating Themes

Themes are a set of view files used to render your blog. Because you actually have access to the CodeIgniter super object, your theme files can act like any other CodeIgniter view file. The $blog variable, which is an instance of the Fuel_blog class, is passed to each main view file as well. You could even load in directly any of the blog's models (posts, categories, comments, links and author).

Below are steps to creating a new theme:

  1. Duplicate the default theme and rename the folder
  2. In the settings module, change the Theme location parameter to the path to your new theme folder
  3. Edit the files listed below to your liking

View Files

The following files can be found in your renamed theme folder for you to begin editing to your liking:

Main View Files

Blocks View Files